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Hiring an Online Sales Tax Consultant


Most people think that hiring a tax attorney can be expensive and unaffordable. Attorneys to handle a state business tax dispute can easily be $500-$1,000 per hour and most lawyers still charge by the hour.  To handle a state tax audit, many firms will charge $7,500-$10,000 and up.

Our company offers online support that will assist you in doing your sales tax case yourself or with a professional at a fraction of the cost.  Being that our company focuses on this area, we can quickly evaluate your issue and handle your case or quickly tell you what needs to be done to get the results that are fair.  We offer lost cost fixed-fee pricing that fits your issue.

Affordable Sales Tax Assistance

Online sales tax platforms and assistance can make your case easier and less painful than hiring a traditional attorney. Receiving a sales tax assessment can be incredibly scary. The stress involved can be overwhelming and cause you to lose sleep at night.  But, resolving the issue in your state doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though you need to file physical paperwork with the appeals section in your state, the entire sales tax audit process is straightforward thanks to our online services. And when you use our services, we provide you with step-by-step instructions for filing your documents with the appeals section or the court.

You can complete your sales tax appeal or even litigation without a lawyer if you would like and the amount at issue does not justify hiring a professional. However, if you are not comfortable doing so, or the amount at issue justifies an experienced tax professional, please contact us for fixed-fee pricing.

Starting Your Sales Tax Appeal Process In Your State 

The first step in fighting your sales tax case is to understand your deadline. Failing to respond by the appropriate time can lead forfeiting some of your rights and losing your chance to contest the issue altogether. You should complete the divorce papers to start the divorce process. Some states require that you complete their appeal form, while others need a form prepared. In either case, by simply providing some information, we can assist you with producing and filing those forms or just handle it for you.  It is also possible to get the required forms sent to you via email within 24 hours when you choose a reliable online sales tax service.

Thousands of businesses from your state have chosen to complete their own sales tax appeal or lawyer-assisted divorce through Sales Tax Helper. You can simply set up a consultation for free advice, pay a small fee for form assistance, or just have us handle it for you. We are your resource to assist as much or as little as you want at every step along the way.

Often times it is completely unnecessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees and court costs these days. An online service will do its best to keep your sales tax case away from the courthouse. Sales Tax Helper’s founder is an experienced state and local tax lawyer who has extensive experience with sales tax audits, appeals, protests, and litigation. Our company will do everything in our power to make your case as efficient and affordable as possible, and get you the sales tax results you want while having the ability to speak with a state sales tax lawyer as needed.