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Whether you have been notified of a pending sales tax audit by the New York Department of Taxation and Finance or you wish to contest the state auditor’s findings after the audit, you can obtain professional assistance from New York Sales Tax Helper LLC. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars an hour on a sales tax lawyer, we provide our clients with an upfront, fixed-fee business model, so they obtain the sales tax services they need for the price of a sales tax consultant.

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Our team is made up of former auditors, seasoned sales tax consultants, and even lawyers who knows what it takes to help business owners obtain the most favorable outcome in their audit or protest. Let us be a part of your team immediately!

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New York Sales Tax Helper LLC provides the following sales tax audit services:

  • Sales Tax Audit Defense – If you have received a notice about a pending sales tax audit, you have the right to hire a sales tax representative to defend you throughout the process. We can ensure which documents auditors can and cannot review and be present during all meetings with the Department.
  • Challenge Assessment – If you wish to contest or protest the auditor’s findings, our team can appeal the final assessment on your behalf.
  • Sales Tax Litigation – We can help you through each legal step of your sales tax issue in New York tax or administrative court.
  • Sales Tax Consulting – Whether you wish to avoid future exposure to audits or take advantage of tax savings, we provide consulting services for business owners.

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Sales Tax Audits in the State of New York

The New York sales tax audit process begins by after you receive a notice from the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. The next step is attending an initial meeting with state auditors to discuss the nature of the audit.

Once the Department devises an audit plan, the auditor will conduct a thorough examination by reviewing three to four years’ worth of your books and records to identify any discrepancies in your New York Sales tax return. In the end, the auditor will issue a report of all sales and use tax adjustments.

If you are not satisfied with the final assessment, you have the right to appeal or protest the auditor’s findings. It is important to understand that you have a sales tax professional on your side throughout the entire process.

At New York Sales Tax Helper LLC, we know how to work with auditors to help local business owners obtain the best possible outcome in their case. Our team has decades of experience handling state sales tax matters.

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